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Activation Instruction JetBrains

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Activation Instruction Jetbrainser

Инструкция по активации Jetbrainser


Архивы с бинарниками:


Пароль на архивы: "forum.losper.net"


От Двасыча :

Кароч рекламирую свой активатор

сбилдить и убедиться что там нет троянов и гейпорно виджетов можно по коду естественно https://github.com/p1ratrulezzz/brainser Но можно поверить на честное блябуду и скачать экзепшник с гитхаба ? Хз в общем было бы круто если бы в сообществе айти был контрибут в это все дело, чтобы не было 500 ты



P.S. Спасибо за труд и старания нашему верному и дружному участнику! ;)


jetbrainser-gui-v0.0.6.zip jetbrainser-console-v0.0.6.zip


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English tutorial :


1. Download binaries.zip from here

2. Unzip it using the password: "losper.net" (without quotes) to some directory. Example: C:\Users\MyUser\Downloads so you have a list of files now:


3. Install desired IDE from Jetbrains. Let's say, Idea2020.3 (just for example)

4. Run the IDE. It will ask for activation. We don't care about it, just press Exit and close the IDE

5. Run the appropriate binary. For windows in this case it is jetbrainser-win-x64.exe (just double click to execute) It will tell that this software is not tested and etc but I hope that you believe me and community so just run it anyway.


6. Type "1" to select Patch and wait till it finishes searching


7. This might take some time. Relax, make a tea of coffee or watch memes while waiting. Then you will see the following picture



8. Here you should choose which product do you want to patch. In my case I have 2 versions of Intellij IDEA installed. I will choose 4 to patch idea64 for Idea2020.3 as I'm on 64bit machine.


9. Finally. The last step. You have to choose where to put the jar agent and vmoptions file. In this case everything is good, we want to patch Idea2020.3 so I will choose 1. and then it requires to select key



In this case it is obviously idea.key -- type 4 and press Enter.


Program will say "Patched successfully". Just close the window now

10. Open your IDE and enjoy!


Also, if you are a paranoid person (which is completely OK) you can compile this by yourself.


1. Install go from https://go.dev/doc/install

2. Install make (apt install make)

3. git clone https://github.com/p1ratrulezzz/brainser.git

4. Download resources.zip and unzip it to src/app
so you will have src/app/resources folder

4. cd brainser

5. make
If make doesnt work, just use 

go build jetbrainser/src/app -O bin/jetbrainserbin

chmod +x bin/jetbrainserbin


Done! You can just save all files from bin/ folder to send it to friends and etc and delete everything else. OR not delete and contribute as a fork in github by adding new features or better UI and create a pull request





Edited by p1ratrulezzz
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New version. No supports lazy-ass activation. Tested on linux. Not tested on Windows/Mac yet. 




1.  Run your JetBrains product. Activation window will appear. Do not close or exit! Minimize the JetBrains window and go to next step.

2. Download binaries.zip 

3. Run the jetbrainser (keeplic install helper) tool for your platform (from the file archive above)


Just choose "2. Smart (but not clever)" option to continue.





4. Close your JetBrains product. Then open it again. Activation icon will not appear anymore.




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7 hours ago, alexs said:

не прошло "Cannot obtain ticket from due to connectivity problem: Connection refused: no further information"


получил ту же ошибку.

для DataGrip2022.1.5 и DataGrip2022.2.1

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  • Admin
12 часов назад, VetalM сказал:


pyCharm 2022.2 аналогично

Честно, не понимаю в чем у вас проблема...

Telegram сайта  "Типичный социум"

Do not be indifferent. Support for motivation to continue on to engage in this further! Thanks


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On 7/31/2022 at 7:57 PM, p1ratrulezzz said:

updated to latest version. re-run patch again and it should work


На чистую винду 10 Pro встаёт без проблем.

На рабочей машине (Win10 Home) в том году патчил KeepMyLic - Datagrip, апдейтился без проблем до 2021.3.4.

Но как обновился на 2022 - слетела. 

Пробую jetbrainser-console-v0.0.6, результат - "Cannot obtain ticket from due..."

В хост файле убирал всё связаное с jetbrain, не помогает.

Теперь и 2021 не патчится с той же ошибкой.


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